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you have the prettiest smile i've ever seen! .


be postive today .

Take all the books That I read in my childhood, Take all my school notebooks, Take the chalk, The pens, And the blackboards, But teach me a new word To hang like an earring On my lover’s ear.” — Nizar Qabbani.

Rawan II Arab
Anonymous asked;
you're so pretty and I like your blog

Omg thank you so much friend!!


arab game go hard


arab game go hard

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Getting the boys prepped for the show. 

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My pet gold fish decided to die yesterday... So my little brother ate it and said, now you can swim with your other friends :)... Should i be worried???????

No. Not at all.

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3/100 edits of my precious giant

3/100 edits of my precious giant

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fan art by xiusese99

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*puts down capri sun* i am ready for a sex

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Did you ever just feel so lucky for knowing someone you met online?
Like.. I was one click away from not following you. I was one second away from never even knowing of your existence. 
I would never have been this happy. 

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