Hello! this is the update section! mainly telling you if anything new (or interesting)) is happening rn in my life haha yeah i'm lame. but bear with me. ((lol no one will even notice this but nyeh)) if i have nothing to say i'll probably just put a quote hehe .


We are a thick skinned people with emtpy souls. We spend our days playing dice, chess, or sleeping - and we say we are the best people that ever came to mankind?” — Nizar Qabbani.

Take all the books That I read in my childhood, Take all my school notebooks, Take the chalk, The pens, And the blackboards, But teach me a new word To hang like an earring On my lover’s ear.” — Nizar Qabbani.

Anonymous asked;

daesung tbh

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nO i love them all so much they’re my favorite boyband ever ;;;;

…jhope i guess

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jhopies asked;

i just answered but i’ll say my second least member  baekhyun

Anonymous asked;

luhan :/

Send me a group and i’ll tell you my least FAVOURITE member

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.here’s a fun ask meme that will make you all hate me!
Send me a group and i’ll tell you my least favourite member

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girl groups look so on point while guy groups look like trash bags with snapbacks and gold chains on.

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